Nicaragua 2015 Update

Group 2

Hola everyone:

Our team in group two consisted of Dr.’s Blaine, Trudy and Jim, Wanda, RDA, Annie, Kirsteen, Nancy our sterilizer and of course Bev and I. Oscar interpreted again for our final group and Jayson traveled with us the last week to assist in interpreting.


We saw 253 patients and completed 1158 procedures, including 17 endos. So total for the two teams came in at 531 patients, 2352 procedures including 36 endos. I will be sending everyone a much more detailed report of the entire mission.


We made such a difference in the community. As Ruber mentioned in his speech, most people realize they have front black teeth from decay and hide their  ... read more

Group 1

Hola everyone:

Our young team of dentists and hygienist graduates from the Class of 2013 have completed their first dental mission with DFA. This team was completely new with the exception of Dr. Don who had been the previous year. The number of patients we saw and procedures we did were incredible.  We saw 278 patients, completed 1194 procedures which included 19 endos.  We had a great team; Ali, Courtney, Susan, Jenny, Cheylene, Don our hygienist, and Bev and I with Don.  Ken rounded up the team doing the sterilizing. We had both Oscar and Jayson doing the interpreting for us


Our working conditions were a little tight with

4 dental spaces and a sterilizing area. We had to move bags and boxes out of the house each day to... read more


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