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Managua, Nicaragua

Dental Clinic Report - 2018

This was our first year that we ran our clinic for six weeks consecutively in Managua. Bev and I arrived on a Tuesday and we welcomed our first team, Bailey and Brenley on the Friday to begin working on the Monday of the following week. The girls stayed at the Hotel Europeo, about 2 km from the dental clinic in the Barrio of Edgar Lang. Bev and I stayed in the apartment at the FUNDACCO office, about a half block from the dental clinic.

Every Friday, one team would leave for Granada or a small holiday and Bev and I would travel back to the Best Western to check in and wait for the following team to arrive, to begin the process over again. We would arrange tours of the Malecon (the pier area on Lake Managua) where there are different displays and museums. Next to...  read more


Las Pilas, Nicaragua

Trip Report - 2018

We are very pleased to report that our trip to Las Pilas was a very rewarding experience and a successful venture. It is always exciting to return to a community that we have visited before. We were welcomed back by Leonardo Reyes. Our hosts took very good care of us and the food was authentic Nicarguan fare. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The love and support from the community was overwhelming.


Travel to the village was much easier this year due to highway improvements in Nicaragua. The home that we stayed in and the Community center where we worked have also had some upgrades since our last visit. This made our stay in Las Pilas more comfortable. Unfortunately, the circus was not in town this year so...     read more


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